Q&A: My Girlfriend Doesn’t Love Me Anymore, Now What?

girlfriend doesn't love meMaybe you’ve just had one of “those” talks with your girlfriend.  Maybe she even sat you down and told you that she doesn’t love you anymore.  You knew things were getting a little rough between the two of you, but you didn’t know that they had deteriorated to this point.

What does this mean if your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore?  Here are a few common questions.

Q: My girlfriend doesn’t love me but we haven’t broken up or anything, does this mean that we are doomed to break up sooner or later?

A: Well, if you haven’t broken up yet, you need to change something in order to avoid a break up.  Did she give any reason for why she doesn’t love you anymore?  If she did, that is probably something you need to work on.

If not, then think back to the early days of your relationship when the two of you were so happy together.  What changed since then?  If you can identify a significant chance since those days that that is something that you need to address.

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Q: My girlfriend doesn’t love me, but she wants to stay in the relationship.  What’s going on?

A: Well, if you ask me, she probably wants to stay with you for the comfort of knowing that she has a relationship.  A lot of women (especially young women) seem to just jump right from one relationship to the next without taking any time for themselves.

I could be that she simply just wants to stick around with you until another guy comes along.

It’s a sad reality, but basically, she is just too afraid to deal with the thought of being single, so she’d rather stay in a relationship she isn’t happy with.

I suggest either fixing your relationship, or doing yourself a favor and break up with her now.

Q: My girlfriend doesn’t love me, but I still love her and want to work things out.  How can I get her onboard to improving things when she is resisting?

A: You can’t control your girlfriend, but you can control yourself.  You may not be able to make her want to work things out, but you can be the best person you can be to try and help her realize that you are at least trying.

Take some time to reflect on your life and see if it really aligned with taking you toward the person you aspire to be.  If not, then it is time to change course.  Maybe this means you need to get a better job, get serious about your fitness and health, or just put more effort in your relationship.

By showing your girlfriend that you are trying to better yourself, she’ll see that you are the kind of guy who has dreams of achieving things with his life.  This will usually make her want to get on board and be a part of your life.

Remember, though, that if the two of you can work together and stay committed to working things out, you can save your relationship.

girlfriend doesn't love me


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