“My Ex is Ignoring Me”-Discover What Your Ex Is Really Thinking

ex is ignoring meI’m sorry if you’re going through a recently broke up. Break ups just plain old sucks. Have you done everything you can just to get your ex’s attention–only to have it fall flat on its face? Here is a Q&A on what to do if you’re wondering “why my ex is ignoring me.”

Q: My ex is ignoring me, what am I doing wrong?

A: What you’re ex is asking for you is to give them the time and space they need away from you. Your ex needs a little bit of breathing room in order to contemplate their life for a bit and reevaluate what they want in their own life.

When your constantly trying to get a hold of them, what you’re essentially telling your ex, you don’t care that they want space.  This is what’s happening if you wondering  “why is my ex is ignoring me?”

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This can cause them to do some drastic things like completely ignoring you all together.

Q; So, my ex is ignoring me because I’m not giving them the space that they want? What should I do then?

A: Give them space. This shows them that you respect them enough to give them what they want. This will always give them the opportunity to miss you. If you’re not there around them, then they have to live with the consequence of the break up. They might find that life isn’t as great without you and you never know– they might just come back.

Q: I’ve already tried of the No Contact rule but my ex is still ignoring me, what should I do?
A: You probably haven’t done the no contact rule correctly, which is at least one month of not talking to your ex. If you’re trying to figure out “what to do if my ex is ignoring me.” Please read on.

One thing that many people struggle with when doing the no contact, than they tend to fixate too much on trying to get a reaction out of their ex and this is because they haven’t done anything to fill their own time doing the No Contact period. This causes your mind to instinctively drift back to your ex.

Fill your time with activities that can get your mind off your ex. Maybe you could take that dance class you’ve been thinking about or join that wine tasting group, or join that home brewing class with your buddies. Or shed a few pounds and get fit or get that new job you’ve been wanting– or anything else in between.

Give your ex the space they need to reconsider their life and to have the courage to take your own life into your own hands. After one month of no contact your ex should be eager to see you again and you’ll be ready to impress them with everything you’ve been doing within the past month. So instead of asking yourself “why my ex is ignoring me,” ask yourself what can you do right now to feel better.

ex is ignoring me

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