Discover Why The No Contact Rule to Get Your Ex Back Is Infallible

no contact rule to get your exYour ex broke up with you and you’ve scoured the internet for advice and your friends tell you to move on. What if you don’t want to move on? Perhaps you may have heard of the no contact rule to get your ex back but you’re not sure whether or not that truly will help. If you want to know if no contact to get your ex back will work, please keep reading.

If you want to apply the no contact to get your ex back, we need to get down to the nitty gritty to what the No Contact Rule actually is. The No Contact rule means cutting off all forms of communication with your ex. This includes no phone calls, text messaging, emails, and no more visiting your ex either.

If you apply the No Contact Rule, you’re pretty much acting as if you’re vanishing off the face of the earth. By implementing the No Contact Rule immediately after a breakup, your chances of getting your ex back will be a lot higher than if you don’t. Even if you’ve made every mistake, apply the no contact rule to get your ex back now.

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What does the No Contact Rule to get your ex back actually do?

By giving your ex the time and space they need away from you allows them to reevaluate their life. The more you contact them, the chances of you pushing them away are higher. When you contact your ex, you’re trying to convince them to take you back.

You can not control your ex’s feelings or thoughts. The only person you have control of is yourself and trying to convince your ex to take you back is futile because they’ve already expressed to you how they felt. No one likes to be told what to do and constantly contacting your ex when they want their space may kill your chances of getting them back.

How long do you apply the no contact rule to get your ex back for?

Essentially, you will want to limit contact with your ex for at least a month. It varies with each individual because with the No Contact Rule, you are giving your ex space as well as allowing yourself to shift your mindset.

A breakup can do completely undo a person’s self esteem and confidence, making them unattractive to their ex. What you need to do is shift your mindset from needing your ex to wanting your ex. This means that the next time you contact your ex, you will be doing it because you want to and not because of any emotions fueled by feelings of desperation.

When you apply the no contact to get your ex back, you must take that time to work on yourself. Go out and reconnect with any other relationships that you may have put on the back burner when you were with your ex. Try to do something social at least once or twice a week with friends or family.

You can also take up a new hobby or activity. This will contribute to your self-improvement as well as opening doors for new friendships to develop. The more you go out and learn to enjoy life again, the better your mindset will be.

When you depend on your ex for your happiness you are needy and unattractive. When you have other outlets in your life, you are contributing to your own happiness.

By using the no contact to get your ex back, you are more likely to get your ex back. Sooner or later, your ex will see that you are the attractive person that they once wanted. Seeing a new and improve you will help them reconsider whether they want to be with you or not.

no contact rule to get your ex

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