Discover 2 Major Signs That Your Ex Still Loves You

signs that your ex still loves youIt’s normal after someone makes the decision to “end” a relationship that it’s not done just yet. Both you and your ex might experience a period of weeks, months, or even longer, sorting your energies out from one another. Some people are better at this than others but, it mostly depends on whether your ex wants to move on or try to get with you again. If you ended the relationship, you’ll most likely see signs that your ex still loves you and wants you back.

Especially if the break up came unexpectedly for them. The best outcome you can hope for is the love we call unconditional. As long as you made it clear to your partner how you want to change the nature of your relationship (sounds better than ending doesn’t it?) they will do their best and become just a friend. It is a possibility, but not so typical… so let’s look at what most people might do if they still love you.

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Discover Below Two Signs That Your Ex Still Loves You

So you dumped your girlfriend or boyfriend and now…Now, they are really going to show you what they are made of! People with strong characters or maybe just the strong belief that you are really the right one for them will pass right over any doubt or depression. They’ll take this as a test of their love for you and will immediately put all their energies into making themselves desirable in your eyes again. They might hit the gym, work harder, groom better, dress to impress, etc. Here two strategies follow…

Strategy 1

They’ll basically ignore you for a time,† while being as visibly social and amiable as possible. ††† This is the more clever of the strategies as it presents the image that they are fun and available, which will make you wonder if you made the right decision. Incidentally, this is similar to what people should do to get over a break up so it may be hard to tell with that these are signs that your ex still loves you.

Strategy 2

These people will try as hard as they can to understand what went wrong and to make it better…promises, presents, invitations, little declarative speeches of how it can work. These are obvious signs that your ex still loves you and maybe that’s why it doesn’t work as often…it seems desperate, as if they have nothing else to live for. People usually see romantic relationships as one of the best experiences in life but we should be seeking to make the other aspects of our lives just as fulfilling. Almost ironically, by investing energy in personal development, we become more dynamic and thus more desirable to our partners.

Public Spaces

You and your ex may still share public spaces where you will run into each other after the break up. Even if they don’t seem to be trying one of the above two strategies you might notice signs that your ex still loves you. Look for sudden changes in demeanor and mood. If they become suddenly unsociable at your appearance they are probably repressing the longing they have for the relationship you used to share. It’s best to give them the silent treatment rather than comfort them until they seem Ok in your presence. This way they can let the patterns of your old relationship go sooner.

signs that your ex still loves you

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