3 Ways On How to Get Someone to Want You Back

how to get someone to want you backDid your ex boyfriend or girlfriend recently break up with you? Our relationships are very important to us. When someone we care so deeply about decides that they are better off without us, it can be extremely devastating. Please continue reading if you want to know how to get someone to want you back as much as you want them.

How to Get Someone to Want You Back: Understand This One Thing…

The only person you have any control over is yourself. The more you try to get your ex to want you back, the more desperate and needy you will come off as. No one likes to be told how to feel and what to want– neither does your ex. The only person you have control of is yourself. Also, the more you do your best to convince your ex to take you back, the more you are giving off negative vibes that you need your ex. These vibes will most definitely push your ex away.

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How to Get Someone to Want You Back: The Difference Between Need and Want

When you need your ex, you are relying on them to be happy. This is not fair to your ex and gives them unwanted pressure. Have you ever seen someone who needed something, it was unattractive and appalling. However, wanting someone is a lot different.

When you want someone it means you would LIKE them in your life, not need them. When you are completely filled with self-love, self-esteem and confidence, you don’t rely on anybody else but yourself to be happy. If you loved every aspect of your self from the inside out, you would never need to wonder how to get someone to want you back.

How to Get Someone to Want You Back: Apply the No Contact Rule and Work on Self Love

First, you must apply the No Contact Rule. This gives you ex time they need to get clarity. Also, it helps you keep yourself from coming off as desperate to get your ex because desperation is unattractive. Next, you should work on improving your life. Do you rely on yourself to find happiness? Are there any relationships you may have put on the back burner since your relationship? In most cases, many people hold off other relationships because they’re in a whirlwind of a romance.

Take this time to go out and reconnect with your old friends. Is there a job you want? Go after it! Perhaps you could benefit from getting back in shape or losing some weight? If so, go to the gym and start dropping those pounds. There could be a number of different things that could improve your life. Not only are you relying on yourself to be happy, you are helping yourself heal from your break up and be more attractive to your ex and other people. Nothing is more attractive than someone who loves life – it’s contagious and people will flock to you!

how to get someone to want you back


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